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I forgot my username/password

  • Please send an email to including your child’s name and your name. 
    • For security purposes, your identity must be verified, and then a letter with your log-in information will be mailed to the address on file in our student information system. 


I am not able to view a resource (video, PDF, or image)

  • Please ensure that the browser that your computer is running is a recent version.

  • The E-Library requires any one of the following browsers for the content to be accessible:

    • Internet Explorer version 10.0 or higher (Microsoft)

    • Firefox – version 31 or higher (Mozilla)

    • Chrome – version 35 or higher (Google)

  • Your computer will also need to be able to play mp4 video files and read Adobe PDF documents to be able to access all of the resources of the E-library.

  • Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe PDF reader may need to be installed on your computer if you are unable to access the videos and/or document content on the E-Library.  You can download these free at

  • If you have all of the necessary items above, and are still having problems accessing the E-Library, to assist you, we will need the following information:

    • The type of device that you are using to access the resource on the E-Library
    • What is the operating system of the device (Windows XP, Windows 7, Android, IOS, etc.)
    • What browser you are using and the version of the browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
    • Please send an email to with the above information so we can provide you with the support.


I have encountered a broken link

  • If you believe you have found a broken link to an outside resource, please email us at with the following:
    • Grade level
    • Subject area
    • Resource title
  • Once we receive the above information, we can work to resolve the issue or replace the resource.